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Curtain Configurator

The curtain configurator from Content Curtain Workshops is a modern web tool based on the latest technologies, including HTML5 and responsive design*. The tool can be used on a desktop computer, a tablet or touchscreen kiosk in your local store. The configurator is closely linked with the Web Workshop and thus we can seamlessly implement the configurator into your existing logistics and payment processes.

Content Gordijnenateliers (Content Curtain Webshops) will make the Web Workshop configurator available to you free of charge. You enter the orders into the system, we look after the manufacture and also the delivery if required.
*responsive design: in responsive design the web application is built in such a way that it automatically adapts tot he various screen resolutions of a desktop, tablet, kiosk or mobile phone, for example.

Retail chain stores

If you have your own supply of fabric, your associated retailers can also avail of Web Workshop. You then opt for Web Workshop Retailer+. For the retailer, the functionality is pretty much the same as with Web Workshop Retailers, but we now also supply the fabric, and send you specified invoice information to settle payments with your associated retailers. In this way, a wholesaler can easily provide fabric, including manufacture, to its associated retailers, and for the retailers, it’s that bit easier too.

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Do you have a webshop where you sell curtains, but no physical shop? Then you can use our Web Workshop. We can link your webshop behind the screens to our Web Workshop start the demo so that everything ordered through your webshop comes directly to us in the Web Workshop. This also means that the curtains ordered and the accompanying details do not need to be transferred to a definitive ordering program, thus saving you time and money.

As the webshop owner, you are given your own log-in for the Web Workshop to allow you to track the status of orders 24/7 and check the stock as necessary. This depends on what Web Workshop application you choose, you can choose either Web Workshop Retailer or Web Workshop Retailer+.

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