Heavy curtains


Curtains block the light, provide privacy and can help insulate the room. And they naturally add ambiance to your home. If you want to darken your (bed)rooms, then a curtain made with blackout fabric is a good choice. Blackout fabrics are woven in 3 layers, which makes the curtain material extra thick.

Single pleat

A single pleat is often used with fabrics with a striking pattern or a vertical stripe. The pattern then remains clearly visible, because the curtain hangs more smoothly.
Also, if a fabric is thicker, as is the case with a number of blackout fabrics, Content Gordijnenateliers advises a single pleat.

Double pleat

A double pleat looks more luxurious than a single pleat. A curtain with a double pleat generally hangs better in the pleat, because more fabric is included in it. The more pliable the fabric, the better the curtain hangs.


Pencil pleat tape*

With a pencil pleat finish, a pencil pleat tape is stitched to the top of the curtains. By pulling the strings in the pleat tape, you can create pleats in the curtain as you wish.


Lined curtains

Lined curtains give your interior a more luxurious appearance. They darken the room better, provide insulation and muffle sound. They also discolour less quickly, certainly when used with natural threads such as cotton and linen.


Curtains with eyelets

Eyelet curtains

Curtains with eyelets hang beautifully. The curtains pleat cleanly because the fabric folds alternately to the front and back around the rod.. In addition, the curtains take up less space at the sides of the window when they are pushed open. The eyelets are available in various colours, in 25 or 40 mm diameters.

Tab topped curtains

Tab topped curtain

Tab topped curtains have a more playful appearance and add to the overall atmosphere of the home.



Would you like to make curtains yourself? Or matching cushion covers, for example? You can order a fabric swatch from us.

Net curtain / In-betweens

Net curtains / In-betweens

Net curtains and in-betweens are available in various styles and designs. Net curtains are transparent and available in plain colours or with a design. In daylight hours nobody can see inside, in the evenings only shadows are visible from the outside.

In-betweens are semi­transparent.
With in-betweens, it is not as easy to see inside compared to net curtains.
Most net curtains and in-betweens are room-high and consist of one piece so that there are no horizontal seams.

Room height

Room height

Most net curtains and in-betweens are room-high and consist of one piece so that there are no horizontal seams.



Blinds give your interior a streamlined and modern look. Blinds are available in plain or patterned fabric. For extra blackout, you can select a lined blind.