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The Rich history of Content Gordijnenateliers

Content Gordijnenateliers was set up more than 30 years ago in Wormerveer. Ed Constant, who was an interior designer, was not satisfied with the manufacturing options for curtains, and decided to do something about this.

As a result of his success, a second workshop was opened in Dokkum in 2001 . Then, in 2007, the Polish workshop Fira was taken over and Content Gordijnenateliers (Content Curtain Workshops) started its own production line in Poland. By the end of 2007 we owned two workshops in Poland, and managed to open a third the following year.

Every day, we have around 250 employees creating curtains for our various customers using the most up-to-date machinery. With our six production lines in the Netherlands and Poland, we have created an infinite number of possibilities.

Our Team

Content Gordijnenateliers (Content Curtain Workshops) gets the best out of its people. They make the product, but are also at the heart of the business. With great knowledge and expertise, Content Gordijnenateliers (Content Curtain Workshops) makes every effort to provide its employee with a workplace where he or she is happy and can develop.

Het team van content gordijnen

Our team consists of approximately 250 workers who are committed to delivering a quality product.

Despite the growth in recent years, Content gordijnenateliers (Content Curtain Workshops) still has an extremely flat organisational structure where good team spirit is considered vitally important.


Many people are unaware that their curtains are made by Content gordijnenateliers. Fortunately our clients, such as interior decorators and designers, know that Content gordijnenateliers always delivers perfect quality.

This comes from our company philosophy: each curtain, each blind, must be handled with the same care and precision. Whether it’s a series of large orders, or just one curtain for one window – the precision and attention to detail of Content gordijnenateliers remains the same. Each curtain that leaves our premises is tailor-made.

Our workshops in the Netherlands are located in Wormerveer, Purmerend and Dokkum. We also have two workshops in Poland: one in the city of Poznań, and the most recent workshop is located in Sulęcin.

With six workshops at our disposal, Content gordijnenateliers (Content Curtain Workshops) can be extremely flexible and there’s hardly an order that we can’t complete. We set up separate production units per customer or customer group, and with 6 workshops, we have plenty of storage room.
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