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Content Gordijnenateliers Service and Transport options

Content Gordijnenateliers products command an important place in the living rooms and businesses where they end up hanging.
Content Gordijnenateliers can advise you about the best manufacturing method for each fabric and will work with you to find the best solution in the field of transport and supply.

This means that we not only can we manufacture our goods for you, the interior designer or wholesaler, we can also work with you on supply management and back office. Our back office can be reached every work day to quickly answer questions and deal with complaints, whatever the cause, in order to prevent any further inconvenience.


advies Content gordijnenateliers

Content gordijnenateliers knows everything about fabrics and manufacturing methods and that not every type of fabric is suitable for every type of finish.

Content gordijnenateliers are always happy to give you no-obligation advice about the manufacture of curtains, as well as the computerisation of orders and transport. We can also help you put together a collection and are happy to work with you on presentation, packaging and communication. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know what a customer expects and how we can achieve this as efficiently as possible. And on top of this, we believe that we are stronger together, and work hard to achieve a satisfactory collaboration between you, the interior designer or retail chain supplier and Content gordijnenateliers.

Transport logistics and storage

Transport logistiek en opslag Content gordijnenatelier

Content gordijnenateliers provides every customer with the transport solution that best suits their situation. Content gordijnenateliers has its own delivery van that is specially modified for textile transport, to collect the hung fabric and later deliver the completed curtains to you.

For customers located further away, Content gordijnenateliers works with a carrier who also specialises in textile transport. You can, of course, provide your own transport. Whatever form of transport you choose, Content Curtain Workshops ensures that it takes place quickly and safely.

Content gordijnenateliers

Content Gordijnenateliers was set up more than 30 years ago in Wormerveer. Ed Constant, who was an interior designer, was not satisfied with the manufacturing options for curtains, and decided to do something about this.

Every day, we have around 250 employees creating curtains for our various customers using the most up-to-date machinery. With our six production lines in the Netherlands and Poland, we have created an infinite number of possibilities.

Products & Services

Are you looking for a workshop with the knowledge and passion to supply your customised curtains?

We are capable of taking all kinds of fabrics, in any colour, size or design, and transforming it into a quality product for any room in your home.

Check out the examples and other information at ‘Heavy curtains & Net curtains’, ‘Blinds’ and ‘Other’.

Curtain Configurator

The curtain configurator from Content Curtain Workshops is a modern web tool based on the latest technologies, including HTML5 and responsive design*.

The tool can be used on a desktop computer, a tablet or touchscreen kiosk in your local store. The configurator is closely linked with the Web Workshop and thus we can seamlessly implement the configurator into your existing logistics and payment processes.